Who Makes Koolatron Freezers?

The company has been making innovative freezers since 1983, and has sold over one million units worldwide. These devices use thermoelectric technology to keep items below the temperature of room temperature, and they are made in Canada. As the world’s leader in thermoelectric products, Koolatron has been an industry leader for many years. If you … Read more

How Do Ultra Low Freezers Work?

How do ultra low freezers work? These refrigerator-freezer units are extremely low-temperature freezers. They are ideal for storing biological and plant samples, and even autopsy materials and chemical compounds. They can be large enough to store several experiments. They can also maintain temperatures as low as -40°F. However, their efficiency comes at a cost. Read … Read more

Can You Lay Freezers Down to Transport?

The question, “Can you lay freezers down to transport?” is a valid one, but the answer depends on the type of refrigerator you’re moving. Upright refrigerators must be placed upright when they’re being moved. It’s important to do this because when they’re laid on their side or back, the oil can flow into the cooling … Read more

How Do Chest Freezers Leak?

Many people are wondering how to prevent the problem of leaking chest freezers. In order to fix the leak, you can check the receiving water tray. If you notice that the tray is low quality, or it is aging, the water may be leaking. Also, make sure that the outlet for the chest freezer is … Read more

How Many Watts Do Freezers Use?

The power consumption of a freezer is an important factor to consider before purchasing a new one. While most freezers have a power rating on their nameplates, some do not use the full amount of wattage that is listed on the label. Also, larger freezers and older models tend to consume more power than their … Read more

How Do Mini Fridge Freezers Work?

How do mini fridge freezers work? Mini refrigerators are small appliances used for storage purposes, such as leftovers and beverages. They are most useful in small spaces and can be very handy for college students. While regular fridges can malfunction unexpectedly, they are highly effective when it comes to quick and easy storage of leftovers … Read more

Do Hotels Have Freezers?

There are two types of refrigerators in hotels. One is a “regular” one that is located behind the front desk. These aren’t used to store ice packs or other perishables. Instead, they are used to store and serve cold food. The other is a mini-fridge in which ice packs can be stored. However, there are … Read more

Who Makes Thomson Freezers?

If you are thinking about getting a new freezer, you may be wondering, “Who makes Thomson freezers?” Well, they are made by RCA, a company that specializes in home appliances and electronics. The company has a wide range of quality models, with plenty of storage space and enough shelving to hold all your food and … Read more

Do All Chest Freezers Have a Drain Plug?

The question “Do all chest freezers have a drain plug?” is one you should ask before purchasing a chest freezer. Some are manual defrost only, but many also have a drain plug that pulls out instead of a screw type. After the defrost cycle is complete, the water flows out of the drain. This makes … Read more

Do Freezers Need a Water Line?

Do freezers need a water line? The answer depends on whether you’ll use an icemaker or water dispenser. If you plan to use one of these features, you should plan for the installation of a waterline before you purchase a new refrigerator. If not, you can skip this step. If you don’t intend to use … Read more