Why Do Freezers Need a Special Outlet?

When purchasing a new freezer, consumers are often encouraged to purchase one that has a dedicated outlet. This appliance will draw a large amount of current when it starts, and it should not be plugged into a shared circuit with other large appliances. However, it is possible to connect the freezer to regular outlets, such as wall sockets. Check to make sure that the outlet has 3 prongs, as most refrigerators use two.

do freezers need a special outlet

If the freezer is on a 15-amp circuit, you should be okay. A single-door freezer will use six amps and can survive on a 15-amp circuit. If you have two freezers on one circuit, you risk blowing a circuit breaker. To avoid this issue, you can install a separate GFCI outlet for each appliance, which will provide one dedicated outlet. Moreover, the NEC requires that all wet areas, including swimming pools, be protected by ground fault-circuit-interrupter-protected outlets.

A separate GFCI outlet is also needed. This is because the compressor in the freezer is sensitive to temperature and current overload. It may cause a breaker to trip, causing the freezer to stop working. This is why a surge protector is essential. In addition, a surge protector will protect your refrigerator against any electrical surges by disabling the compressor. If you want to use more outlets in the same location, you can use a split-wire receptacle. These receptacles will connect to two separate circuits.

Choosing a dedicated outlet is very important because your freezer will use a higher current than other appliances. It is also better to avoid pairing two freezers on a single circuit because this could cause the GFCI to trip. Furthermore, a separate circuit can prevent overload and short-circuiting. A dedicated freezer receptacle is a good choice. This type of receptacle will ensure your freezer will operate safely.

Deep freezers need a special outlet to avoid overheating. For example, a deep freezer can use a two-prong outlet. Using a two-prong outlet will result in a GFCI warning and the breaker will trip. You can use a dedicated GFCI outlet for freezers in garages and other wet areas. This way, your fridge will be safe and not overheat.

It is important to choose an appropriate outlet for a freezer. Usually, it is best to place the freezer on a circuit with about 15 amps of current. During these times, the compressor can overheat. This is why a dedicated circuit is necessary. A dedicated freezer is an important appliance in your home. When you place it in the garage, it is vital to make sure that it is protected against a short-circuit.

As a final consideration, make sure to choose a circuit that has a dedicated outlet for freezers. If you have two different freezers on a circuit, a breaker might trip and your food will be lost. A special freezer will not need a dedicated outlet, but it will need a separate electrical outlet. If you want to keep both of these appliances on separate circuits, you can use a split-wire receptacle.

Although freezers and refrigerators don’t require a special outlet, they will require a dedicated circuit. A single freezer will consume about 20 amps of power, while a double freezer will use about half that amount. A freezer in a garage will typically require a 15-amp circuit. In addition, a double-door refrigerator will need a separate outlet. A GFCI outlet will protect the appliance from this type of power surge.

If you’re installing a double-door freezer, it’s a good idea to install a dedicated circuit. A split-wire receptacle will keep both appliances on separate circuits, preventing a breaker from tripping when two different refrigerators are plugged into it. Further, it will keep freezers from being accidentally plugged into another wall outlet. And if you don’t want to worry about that, you can use a dedicated outlet.